Hug-O-Meter Milestone #11

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Milestone #10 (reached on 08/03/2016)

#HowDoYouHug transforms expressions of love into real-world comfort for children in need. Fill the Hug-O-Meter by spreading joy on social media - with each milestone reached, GUND will donate 100 stuffed animals to charitable organizations.

Are you a hugger? GUND believes a hug is a genuine emotional connection that embodies the essence of comfort, and there are many ways to feel the warmth of a hug. It could be a reassuring touch from your mom, an encouraging wink from your proud father, or a surprising hot chocolate from a dear friend. How do you hug in this world where intimacy can be both instant and distancing? We would like to know!

Pick one, do all three, and repeat as many times as you like. Every click makes a difference.

Gallery of Hugs

Thank you to all our wonderful partners!

If your organization is interested in learning more about #HowDoYouHug, please contact us!